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What is Guillain-Barre Syndrome?

Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is a rare but serious autoimmune disorder that affects the peripheral nervous system, the portion of the nervous system that is outside the brain and spinal cord. It is usually caused by an acute infectious process. The patient's immune system attacks good tissue, which in this case is the nerve cells communicating with muscles. The individual with Guillain-Barre syndrome will initially experience a tingly and numbing sensation in the limbs, as well as weakness in the same areas. As these sensations spread, the entire body may become paralyzed. Full recovery is possible but may take considerable time.


Pain, pain and more pain

Started by 2dogs3catsandthekids in Symptoms 11 hours ago. 0 Replies

When I was first hospitalized I had a neurologist who didn't diagnose me despite the pretty classic symptoms I had (I learned that later). I was so uncomfortable, I was miserable. It came on most in the evening and lasted through the night. I don't…Continue

Anyone still get numbness after a year?

Started by Tarhealing in General. Last reply by 2dogs3catsandthekids 11 hours ago. 11 Replies

I had been doing so well lately until last week. I am 15 months out after a supposed mild case and am having to work an extra day each week while standing all day. I had begun jogging a little and working out with weights at the gym. All was great a…Continue

I'm worried

Started by Robin in New member introductions. Last reply by 2dogs3catsandthekids 12 hours ago. 13 Replies

I had GBS in 1991. After going through everything I recovered ok but the last 5 years I've been really tired and my joints are starting to hurt. I used to be so active and now I'm just tired and weak. What is going on?

Social Security Disability

Started by Spencer in General. Last reply by terri schwarz yesterday. 4 Replies

Anybody here collecting Social Security Disability benefits for their GBS?  Anybody here file a disability claim years after coming down with GBS and was approved? Continue


Started by Mary in New member introductions. Last reply by Mark yesterday. 3 Replies

                  My sister was diagnosed after an upper respiratory infection after returning from Hawaii , she had the usual numbness and tingling of the hands and feet.  She has gotten worse she is on a ventilator for one week now.  They have…Continue

Shingles vaccination

Started by Donnamay in General yesterday. 0 Replies

Has anyone gotten a shingles vaccination since they developed G-B?  My Doctor is pushing it, but since I was told that my G-B was (probably) caused by a flu vaccination I received, I'm a little hesitant.Anyone have any experience??Continue

Vaccines and GBS

Started by ramgbs in Symptoms. Last reply by Munchies Sockmonkey on Tuesday. 3 Replies

Vaccines and gbs see Bob's Story ramgbs.wordpress.com and vaccines gone bad Bob Martin62123Continue


Started by Tiffany white in Complementary Therapies. Last reply by Munchies Sockmonkey on Sunday. 1 Reply

i'm in high school and all i do is fall down so many times. one time i was just standing up and fall down. my legs are always weak and sometimes and scares me to even get up. im always light headed.Continue

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2dogs3catsandthekids posted a discussion

Pain, pain and more pain

When I was first hospitalized I had a neurologist who didn't diagnose me despite the pretty classic…See More
11 hours ago
2dogs3catsandthekids replied to Tarhealing's discussion Anyone still get numbness after a year?
"I was informed to not get the "flu" shot, I never considered tetanus! Thank you "
11 hours ago
2dogs3catsandthekids replied to Robin's discussion I'm worried
"Hi Robin, I was diagnosed a year ago. When I thought the gabapentin (and other mess) were making me…"
12 hours ago
Munchies Sockmonkey replied to Robin's discussion I'm worried
"Dave Noel, "I nearly died and my diagnosis came only by chance when a neurologist visiting…"
13 hours ago
terri schwarz joined Ben Munoz's group

Friends and Family Affected by Guillain Barre

Where friends and family meet to share views, insights and stories. See More
Dave Noel S replied to Robin's discussion I'm worried
"Yes, there are social services and benefits for survivors of GBS. The issue I have is that the…"
terri schwarz replied to Spencer's discussion Social Security Disability
"I have gotten denied because they told me it was treatable? Any suggestions?"

LanceB left a comment for terri schwarz
"Welcome to the forum, Terri! We hope you will feel comfortable here, there are many supportive…"

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I'm worried

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4 Anyone still get numbness after a year?

Anyone still get numbness after a year?

Posted by Tarhealing on September 27, 2015



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